How Smoking Affects The Main Organs Of The Body

How Smoking Affects The Main Organs Of The Body

The adverse effects of cigarette smoking are not matters that could be taken for granted. It is one of many causes of deaths around the world. The chemicals present in a single cigarette stick attacks the main organs of the body of which when damaged will bring about notable hazard to the overall condition of the health. Though, cigarette smoking is commonly connected to lung cancer, it is not only that lungs are affected by the harsh chemicals in cigarettes. Blood circulation is very much affected by smoking, too.


The toxins from cigarettes go into the blood and make the blood thicker and increases possibilities of clot formation. Also, the toxins increase the heart rate and blood pressure from the normal rate making it hard for the heart to function well. The toxins also narrow the arteries. When this happens, there is reduced amount of oxygen to circulate in the blood. These conditions which are affected by toxins will cause stroke and heart attack. Aside from changes in blood circulation that can cause heart attack, smoking also directly damages the heart. These changes will bring about coronary heart diseases. The presence of carbon monoxide in cigarettes stresses the heart. Other harsh chemicals damage the lining of coronary arteries. The stomach is also affected by smoking. Smoking can also cause ulcers, stomach cancers and kidney cancers.

It deteriorates the muscle that controls the esophagus and permits acid to enter wrong parts of the body resulting to reflux. The brain is not an exemption to organs affected by smoking. Stroke which are brought upon by smoking can cause brain damage and moreover death. Smoking triggers the development of brain aneurysm. When the blood vessel wall weakens because of smoking, a bulge will form in blood vessel and this can burst resulting to subarachnoid hemorrhage, a kind of stroke that can cause brain damage and death. The skin is also affected by the dangers of smoking. Smoking ages the skin making it appear dull and ugly. This is because the chemicals in cigarettes block the oxygen from entering the skin. It also causes ugly complexion, sagging skin, wrinkles and hollow cheeks.

Woman with multiple cigarettes in mouth, man holding match

However, all these conditions and damages brought about by smoking can be prevented and improved by quitting smoking. After about twenty years of not smoking, the heart, brain, stomach and skin and all the damaged parts of your body will fully recover.

Sources Of Water In A Community And How They Can Be Contaminated

Sources Of Water In A Community And How They Can Be Contaminated

Clean water is a very necessary element. It is what the human body needs in order to function. It is what the community needs to improve and develop. Water that is not potable can cause serious death-causing illnesses and can trigger for an economy drop. There should be an adequate supply of clean water to provide communities. Clean water can be commonly outsource from surface water, rivers and lakes, springs, rock and rock holes, dams, rainwater tanks and bores. Surface water is water that falls to the ground. The most common surface water is the rain. Surface water are collected on a catchment and then stored into reservoirs.

Drinking Water in East Africa

To avoid pollutions, catchments should be placed distantly from towns or commercialized areas. Since the beginning, lakes, rivers and springs have provided humanity with clean water. Low areas of huge rocky boulders stuck water beneath them and these are great natural dams. There are also excavated dams that are created by digging out big narrow holes. Clay soils are the most preferred soils in placing excavated dams because they do not drain the water. Rainwater tanks are used to collect rainwater. The rainwater is collected by the gutter from the roof to the tank. Bores are holes drilled deeply under the ground until a permanent body of water is found. A pipe is used to run down into the hole and to get water up to the ground level and then pumped to the community. The water taken from this is called groundwater.

Aside from making sure that the community has enough supply of water is also making sure that the water being supplied is clean, free from pollution and contaminants. The usual contaminants that can impair the water supplied to the public are human and animal wastes, animal cadavers, food waste, oil and grease, scrap metal, junks, sand and chemicals. These pollutants can be acquired at the water source, in the storage or in the distribution system. Contamination in rainwater tanks happen when the roof of the house is not clean and free from birds and other animal’s wastes.


Rivers and lakes are also prone to pollution like garbage from adjacent dumps, wastes directly dumped by human and animals and chemicals sprayed near that can be washed out near the rivers. Bores can also be contaminated directly underground or through the pipes. Sources of water must always be kept clean and free from pollutions because it will cause damages not only to a single person but to the rest of humanity.

Dog Reproduction-Neutering Of Dogs

Dog Reproduction-Neutering Of Dogs

Neutering of dogs (for either gender, but is more common in males) refers to the sterilization of dogs, achieved by removing the female’s ovaries and uterus or by removing the testicles of the male. This is done to remove the possibility of the dogs procreating. This also reduces the dog’s sex drive. Neutering can also be done to reduce the aggression levels in male dogs. However, in the case of female dogs, it can sometimes increase the aggression levels.

Animal control agencies generally recommend that you neuter the dogs so that they do not reproduce indiscriminately. Taking care of new born puppies can be quite a chore for the dog’s owners!


Neutering of dogs is done by animal shelters these days to reduce the risk of overpopulation of dogs in certain countries. Neutering of dogs is also said to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as mammary cancer. Also, neutering can prevent the onset of wild, hormone induced behaviours. Sadly, neutering is not without its risks. Sometimes, it can lead to prostate cancer in dogs. Other side effects include hormonal changes which can sometimes adversely affect the moods of the dogs.

It is not necessary for either males or females to have experienced mating before they get neutered. New methods are being developed to neuter the dogs without having to remove the organs totally. This will reduce the side effects that the dog will experience in the future.

NB! Feeding is important. I have been getting a lot of questions about changing dog foods lately, so here are some tips. I prefer to use a 9 day method. I begin with 25% of the new food and every third day I add 25% more.


If you are using canned food as well, there is no need to worry as long as the cans make up less than 15% of their diet. On the other hand, you can transition them in much the same way as the dry food. Occassionally, dogs may get an upset stomach and runny stool. In this event, canned pumpkin works very well to stop the diarrhea. For average sized puppies, one spoonful of the pumpkin will work fine; larger dogs will require more. If you would rather, there are a few transition supplements and OTC medications to stop the diarrhea.

It is important to get your dog neutered before the 3rd year of its life. This will save you a lot of trouble later.


Aging Causes: Bad Habits

Aging Causes: Bad Habits

Bad habits. They’re something our mothers warned us about when we were young, promising they would have long-lasting negative effects. It goes without saying that bad habits are never good – especially when the damage they cause is so readily seen by other people. One such scenario are the detrimental effects some bad habits have on the skin.

We can stop neither the aging process nor the physiological changes that come with it. However, sometimes our bad habits make those changes worse; other times they even accelerate the changes. Such is the case with the skin. Some of the bad habits that we participate in actually accelerate and exacerbate the development of wrinkles, lines, age spots, under-the-eye circles, and so on. If we learn to recognize those bad habits and avoid them, we will be in a much better position to maintain healthy and young-looking skin.


Cigarette Smoking

One of the single-most damaging bad habits for the skin is cigarette smoking. Besides the obvious increase in risk for lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses, cigarette smoking causes damage to the body that affects the skin in several ways. First off, the chemicals in cigarette smoke are absorbed into the bloodstream when the smoke enters the lungs. Those chemicals are passed on through the body wherever blood as needed; that includes the skin. Skin cells are damaged by those chemicals and must be replaced. As we age skin cell replacement naturally decreases, so cigarette smoke simply adds to the problem.

Second is the matter of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the things that helps your skin retain its elasticity. It also adds plumpness and helps in the creation of new skin cells. Cigarette smoking hinders these processes because it robs the body of vitamin C. Again, as we age the body processes vitamin C to a lesser degree. That fact alone has a detrimental effect on the skin. But when cigarette smoking is part of the equation the lack of vitamin C becomes more of an issue. Many smoker have switched to electronic cigarettes to help reduce the damaging smoke and tar that is responsible for damaging skin.

Excessive Alcohol Use

Another bad habit damaging to the skin is excessive alcohol use. When we consume alcohol it dilates the blood vessels. The small vessels near the surface of the skin open up to increase blood flow to the cells. Over time, if alcohol is consistently consumed in excess, the cells at the surface of the skin can become permanently damaged. This is manifested by a flushed look on the face of someone who drinks excessively.

Other Bad Habits


There are certainly other bad habits that have a negative effect on the skin including illicit drug use, poor personal hygiene, and poor diet. The good news is that all these bad habits can be avoided. For those who do so, they are one step ahead in slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and lines. By adding wrinkle creams and other healthy skin supplements to a lifestyle of good habits, it is possible to have healthy and youthful skin all the way into the later stages of life.


Easiest Diet To Get Fit

Easiest Diet To Get Fit

First of all, I try to stray away from the word “diet”. To me, “diet” means that it is temporary and is something that is followed with deprivation. Modifying your way of eating to get fit should pretty much be a permanent deal. It should be a way of life.


So if you are tired of trying to figure out what the best way to eat is to get lean and fit and you are having a rather difficult time preparing any of the meals you are finding in magazines, or it is getting rather costly, then you can try what I am doing. It is a simple, low cost, healthy, and just as good as any meal plan out there. I simply call it the high protein sandwich meal plan. That’s it.

Recently, here is what I have been following. Each morning, I get about 3 scoops of whey protein (60+ grams) and about 2 tablespoons of PB2 dried peanut butter and put each together into a blender. I pour a little (not very much at all) unsweetened almond milk into the blender. I then fill a medium sized cup halfway full of crushed ice. I start the blender on high to blend the powders and the almond milk together. As it blends, I slowly pour the ice in, and keep blending until the ice is liquefied. It makes a rather tasty low carb high protein smoothie.

For lunch, I bring with me a lunch bag with the blue frozen packets. In the bag I have 3 pieces of whole grain flax bread that contains no corn syrup ( a lot of bread seems to contain HFCS these days). I also put in a bag of some sliced deli chicken and some lettuce. I also have some packets of mayo and mustard. So, for lunch, I make myself one full sandwich, and that is all I eat for lunch. Just once sandwich with no snack. It is so simple because I am getting my whole grain slow digesting carbs and my protein from the chicken breast. And I’m not stuffing myself either since it is only one sandwich. Now, a few hours after lunch, I get the last piece of whole grain bread and a little left over chicken breast, and make a half sandwich. I eat this as a third meal during the day to keep my blood sugar up so my metabolism doesn’t slow down and I don’t start feeling hungry.

Then, after work, I go workout. I come home and make the same high protein smoothie as I did during the morning. I sometimes add unsweetened carob chips to the mix. It makes it seem like I have chocolate chips in my smoothie. If you make the smoothie just right, it tastes just about as good as a Wendy’s frosty. A few hours after that, if I feel like another meal, then I’ll have some cooked vegetables with a little fish.


So there you go. That is a very simple meal plan to follow especially if you have a corporate office job. It’s easy to follow, it’s packed with protein, you are getting your whole grains, and you aren’t overeating. Combine this with a workout, and becoming lean and fit will be almost effortless. When it comes to lunch at work, just go with the whole grain chicken sandwich. It’s simple and well rounded and you won’t be stuffing yourself either. It’s perfect. Don’t waste your money on having meals prepared and delivered, and don’t waste your time preparing gourmet foods, the meal plan to get you lean and fit is actually very simple and easy.